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Welcome to The Polestar Podcast by VELA Wealth!

Embark on a monthly journey with us at VELA Wealth through The Polestar Podcast, where we bring together a lineup of esteemed financial experts, visionary entrepreneurs, and passionate philanthropists. Dive into captivating episodes where our guests share not just their expertise but also their personal stories, reflecting on their remarkable experiences and offering inspirational insights.

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The Polestar Podcast Episodes


#23 Q2 2024 Market Outlook with Keith Allan

Join Kevin Parton, Partner and Senior Advisor at VELA Wealth, as he sits down with market Keith Allan, Portfolio Manager at Harness Investment Management, to dissect the financial landscape of Q2 2024. Tune in for expert analysis, strategic advice, and a look ahead at what the next quarter might bring.     This episode covers: […]

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#22 Finding Purpose and Creating a Positive Impact with Jonny Imerman

In this episode of the Polestar Podcast by VELA Wealth, Jonny Imerman speaks with Kevin Parton about his journey with fighting cancer at 26 and how this battle has brought him to where he is today. They talked about Imerman Angels’ impact on the cancer community with their one-on-one free community support system that ensures […]

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#21 Innovative Legal Solutions with Digby R. Leigh

In the latest episode of the Polestar Podcast by VELA Wealth, host Jason Boudreau speaks with Digby R. Leigh about the challenges in the current legal system. They explore solutions Digby has initiated that put clients first, providing price certainty by switching away from the standard hourly model and implementing an alternative fee structure.   […]

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#20 Q1 2024 Market Outlook with Keith Allan

In the latest episode of the Polestar Podcast, financial experts Kevin Parton and Keith Allan delve into the current market conditions and provide valuable insights for investors. The discussion revolves around the impact of interest rate movements and strategies for navigating market volatility.     Podcast Highlights: Explore how market sentiment reacts to speculation about […]

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#19 Morgan Housel: On Wealth, Wisdom & the Pursuit of Happiness

In this episode of the Polestar Podcast, host Jason Boudreau speaks with Morgan Housel, author of “The Psychology of Money” and “Same as Ever.” Morgan shares insights from his unique journey from a ski-racing youth to a leading financial writer, emphasizing hard work, curiosity, and the realization that personal inadequacy led to greater efforts in […]

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#18 Alternative Investment Insights with Keith Allan

In the new episode of the VELA Wealth Polestar Podcast, Kevin Parton, Partner and Senior Advisor, and Keith Allan, Portfolio Manager at Harness Investment Management, explore the world of alternative investments, offering a behind-the-scenes look at how VELA Wealth, Harness Investment Management, and Purpose Investments collaborate to unlock unique opportunities. They challenge listeners to rethink […]

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#17 Kevin England – A Life Steered by Passion And Community

Kevin England, President of the England Group, shares his journey from a dairy farm upbringing to a successful career in real estate and philanthropy on the recent Polestar Podcast by VELA Wealth. Raised with strong family values and a work ethic, Kevin’s early experiences taught him the importance of integrity and community involvement. His transition […]

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#16 VELA Wealth: Navigating Wealth, Legacy, and Financial Innovation

In this Polestar Podcast episode, Kevin Parton engages in a dynamic conversation with Jason Boudreau, unraveling the unconventional journey that laid the foundation for VELA Wealth’s creation and evolution. From Jason’s diverse professional background to VELA Wealth’s distinctive approach to wealth management, the discussion navigates through the pivotal role of mentors, the firm’s dedication to […]

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#15 Navigating M&A Dynamics in Professional Services: Insights from Faramarz Bogzaran

We are excited to present this insightful episode of the Polestar Podcast by VELA Wealth, featuring Faramarz Bogzaran, the Managing Partner at F&M Management Ltd. and CE3C Management Ltd., just ahead of the highly anticipated CE3C Conference scheduled for January 24th and 25th, 2024. Faramarz’s expertise sheds light on critical aspects of mergers and acquisitions […]

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#14 Market Outlook with Keith Allan from Harness Investment Management

In this episode of the Polestar Podcast, Kevin Parton, who recently joined VELA Wealth as a Partner and Senior Advisor, interviews Keith Allan, Portfolio Manager at Harness Investment Management, discussing their partnership with VELA Wealth and their unique approach to financial management. They address the challenges posed by rising interest rates and geopolitical events, highlighting […]

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#13 Amar Doman – A Journey of Entrepreneurship, Legacy, and Community Impact

We are thrilled to announce the release of the latest episode of the Polestar podcast by VELA Wealth, featuring an engaging conversation with Amar Doman, the President and CEO of the Futura Corporation. In this episode, Amar takes us on a remarkable journey through his life as a leader in business, his experiences in philanthropy, […]

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#12 The Family Farm—What is your 100-year Plan?

Transferring a farm or agricultural business to the next generation is a multifaceted and emotional journey, much like any other business endeavor. Farmers face the challenges of estate planning, optimizing taxes, and ensuring the long-term prosperity of their business. It is vital for business owners to have a clear understanding of their current standing and […]

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#11 The Interest Rate Environment and Lending, What’s Next?

In the upcoming Polestar Podcast episode, Rob Wallis talks with Dan Pultr from TMG The Mortgage Group (TMG) about the interest rate environment and lending. Dan explains the impact of dropping interest rates to zero during the lockdown and where it led us as well as provides some recommendations to borrowers on how to ensure […]

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#10 Not happy with my business valuation: So now what?

In this podcast, Lorraine McGregor from Spirit West Management and Rob Wallis discuss the low number of businesses that are actually selling in North America, despite 70% of baby boomers business owners saying they want to sell within the next five years. They explore the reasons why many businesses do not sell, including the lack […]

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#9 From Engineering to Entrepreneurship – Som Seif’s Journey to Success and Gratitude

In this podcast, Som Seif, a prominent figure in the Canadian financial services industry, discusses his background and journey to success with Jason Boudreau. He shares his experience immigrating to Canada as a child, his initial aspirations to become an architect, and his path to discover his true passion.     About the Guest – […]

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#8 Positioning, not Predictions with Keith Allan

In this podcast, Keith Allan of Harness Investment Management and Rob Wallis discuss positioning for portfolios and investment markets over 2023. They go through the current themes in asset allocation in portfolios given the current economic backdrop and what may happen in the coming year. They also discuss the recent talk around interest rates and […]

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#7 Sticking to the plan with Three Shores Development

Join Jason interviewing Mehdi and Barry from Three Shore Development in our last episode of the Polestar Podcast by VELA Wealth. They’re talking about forming a win-win partnership, discipline and planning, entrepreneurship journey, and approaches to dealing with uncertainty.     About the Guest – Mehdi Shokri Mehdi is inspired by the desire to create […]

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#6 Changing the World Through Education with The Earth Group

Our most recent episode of The Polestar Podcast by VELA Wealth features Kori Chilibeck and Matt Moreau, founders of the social enterprise The Earth Group.  The Earth Group exists entirely to provide school meals to children globally through a worldwide agreement with The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP). Hosted by Rob Wallis, Kori and […]

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#5 Key Considerations to Make When Selling a Business

Welcome to another episode of The Polestar Podcast by VELA Wealth. Today, Rob Wallis speaks with Ryan Howe, a business lawyer from Alexander Holburn Beaudin Lang. Ryan acts as general counsel to various BC based businesses with national and international operations on a wide variety of corporate and commercial matters. In this episode, Ryan and […]

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#4 The Importance of a comprehensive viewpoint with Dennis Serre, President & CEO of Serre Financial

In this episode, Jason Boudreau speaks with Dennis Serre, President and CEO of Serre Financial, a company providing expert advice to financial professionals, new and existing business owners, and executives to navigate and fully mine the complex benefits of the Canadian Income Tax Act. Dennis shares his passion to help entrepreneurs and business owners through […]

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#3 Defining success with Jayesh Parmar, Co-CEO/Founder at Gunkii

VELA Wealth is excited to share another Polestar Podcast episode with Jayesh Parmar, the founder of Picatic [Exit/Eventbrite] and a Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Gunkii, the contemporary tongue scraper. In this episode Jayesh talks about his entrepreneurial journey, Gunkii and its shared values, his success in business and life, and his relationship with failure and […]

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#2 Investment update with Keith Allan, Harness Investment Management

  In this episode of the Polestar Podcast, Rob Wallis talks with Keith Allan from Harness Investment Management about the impact of inflation on economic growth, the interrelation of the US and Canada and well performing stocks that benefit client’s portfolio in 2022.     About the Guest – Keith Allan Keith Allan, CFA, is […]

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#1 Ending the climate crisis with Stephen Fern, Ark2030

  VELA Wealth is excited to share the first Polestar Podcast episode with Stephen Fern, the founder of The Ark2030 Foundation. In this episode, Stephen talks about Ark2030 and its mission, new forms of environmentally-driven economics, and why we should be concerned about whales!      About the Guest – Stephen Fern Following Law […]

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