Advisor Legacy

We have become an attractive option for advisor peers who are proactively seeking a succession pathway that ensures seamless, long-term client service, and continuity.

VELA Wealth understands how difficult planning your own succession can be. Executing the perfect transition to life without work is what we do after all…for others. Achieving the same independence, priority and commitment is often much more challenging for ourselves.

We believe your professional path should be on your terms, from start to finish, and that your success is increasingly difficult to control the further you start…from your ‘finish’. We believe you deserve to control your professional destiny guided by a planned transitional process–never the all-too-common transactional event, often beyond your control.
We believe that a transaction is never an end-in-itself. Rather, it is a means of ensuring that the ultimate ends are recognized, achieved and preserved.

We believe knowing is manifestly better than not knowing: Knowing us, knowing how we work, and knowing that your family, clients, and staff will be cared for exactly as you planned from the outset is invaluable.
We believe there is great power in knowing the actual destination. Everything between now and then is more directed; has more meaning and context. Everything from here to there is more deliberate, more thoughtful, and more impactful–all with the time, space, structure and support you need to ensure your legacy, your way.

The Next Step is up to you. We would welcome the opportunity to meet with you to learn more about your hope for life without work.