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Webinar Invitation: Selling your Business and Navigating the Emotional Impact

Selling a business is a major decision that entails not only significant business considerations but also profound emotional impacts. In Canada, a country known for its vibrant entrepreneurial spirit, the process of selling a business can be a complex and challenging endeavor. We are thrilled to invite you to an engaging webinar on “Selling Your […]

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The Family Farm—What is your 100-year Plan?

Transferring a farm or agricultural business to the next generation can be a complex and emotional process, just like any other business. Farmers must navigate estate planning, tax optimization, while ensuring the ongoing success of the business. It’s crucial for business owners to have a clear understanding of their current position, as well as where […]

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Webinar Invitation: The Family Farm—What is your 100-year Plan?

Farmers, like other business owners, face challenges in transitioning their wealth and business to the next generation. Besides estate planning, tax optimization, and ensuring the continuity and success of the business, the process of passing down a farm or other agricultural business can be complex and emotional. It is important for the business owner to […]

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