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The Family Farm—What is your 100-year Plan?

Transferring a farm or agricultural business to the next generation can be a complex and emotional process, just like any other business.

Farmers must navigate estate planning, tax optimization, while ensuring the ongoing success of the business. It’s crucial for business owners to have a clear understanding of their current position, as well as where they want to be in the future. They must also be aware of the goals and purposes of the farm for both the current and future generations, and promote effective communication across generations. Finally, there are important considerations to keep in mind when passing down a farm or agricultural business.

In this webinar you will learn the importance of:

  • Acquiring a clear understanding of your business’s present situation and future objectives.
  • Comprehending the motives and aspirations of both the current and future generations.
  • Obtaining insights on essential factors to consider prior to and during the transfer of the farm business.
  • Developing effective communication tactics to navigate challenging conversations with family members.

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Webinar Participants

Rob Wallis
Partner and Senior Advisor, VELA Wealth
Rob brings over 15 years of financial planning and advice-giving expertise to the VELA team and has a proven track record of delivering high calibre solutions to clients. Rob excels at working with entrepreneurial professionals and business owners define their ecosystems, establish and exceed their life and financial goals.
Michael Baker
Licensed Life Insurance Broker, Baker Wealth
Michael Baker founded Baker Wealth to build meaningful success for people. A challenge-driven CPA, he wanted to help his clients forge a tighter connection between financial prosperity and a fulfilling life. Michael is your expert advisor and ally, with 25+ rich and illuminating years of experience as a professional. Talk to Michael about planning your future, starting a new business or welcoming a new family member. He’s an active listener; he not only hears your words, but he understands them – the key to solid financial results.
Shane Donner
Partner, Smith & Hersey Agribusiness Law LLP
Shane has been working as a Solicitor at Smith & Hersey Agribusiness Law for over 8 years. Shane’s practice is primarily focused on business transition planning (specifically agricultural operations), corporate finance, commercial/agricultural real estate, and negotiating renewable energy leases for wind and solar projects on behalf of landowners.
Shauna Trainor
Principal, A&O Partners LLP
Shauna works with enterprising families across North America to navigate the complexities of ownership, wealth, and family dynamics. Shauna engages in a planning process with family enterprises to help them identify, clarify, and articulate their ownership vision and strategy. In collaborating with families, Shauna helps them to establish relevant governance, enhance communication and engage in shared decision making. Shauna leverages her business and psychology background to help families and individual members achieve their desired objectives.