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The Polestar Podcast: The Interest Rate Environment and Lending, What’s Next?

In the upcoming Polestar Podcast episode, Rob Wallis talks with Dan Pultr from TMG The Mortgage Group (TMG) about the interest rate environment and lending. Dan explains the impact of dropping interest rates to zero during the lockdown and where it led us as well as provides some recommendations to borrowers on how to ensure they receive competitive offers.


About the Guest – Dan Pultr

Dan is a Senior Mortgage Industry Executive that helps individuals and companies grow. He takes a hands on approach to all engagements, loves to immerse himself in the details and works with passionate professionals to deliver comprehensive solutions. Dan’s goal is to provide an incredible Mortgage Experience to Brokers and ultimately to their thousands of clients. To reach out to Dan, please visit his LinkedIn profile.

About the Host – Rob Wallis

Rob has provided senior financial planning and advice to VELA clients for over 15-years. He excels at working with entrepreneurial professionals and business owners to define their individual ecosystems and establish meaningful life and financial goals. He has specialized expertise in guiding healthcare professionals who are building multi-location, and specialist clinics. To learn more, please visit VELA team page.


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The information provided in the podcast is designed for general informational purposes only and is not intended to provide specific advice or recommendations for any individual or on any specific security or investment product.