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The Polestar Podcast: Defining success with Jayesh Parmar, Co-CEO/Founder at Gunkii

VELA Wealth is excited to share another Polestar Podcast episode with Jayesh Parmar, the founder of Picatic [Exit/Eventbrite] and a Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Gunkii, the contemporary tongue scraper. In this episode Jayesh talks about his entrepreneurial journey, Gunkii and its shared values, his success in business and life, and his relationship with failure and uncertainty.



About the Guest – Jayesh Parmar
Born in Saskatoon, Canada, San Francisco incubated, alumni of Toronto’s Extreme Startups, New York’s Canadian Technology Accelerator and Vancouver’s Hyper Growth Program; Jayesh now calls Vancouver, British Columbia home. He was the former CEO/Co-Founder of which was acquired by Eventbrite in 2018. Jayesh is an active investor, a lifelong student, and has jumped back into being a Co-CEO /Co-founder of Gunkii, the world’s sexiest tongue scraper. Please visit Jayesh’s LinkedIn and Gunkii website for more information.


About the Host – Jason Boudreau
Jason has built VELA Wealth into an established life and estate planning firm, guiding families as they make meaningful choices at the intersection of life and wealth. Jason’s areas of expertise include intergenerational wealth transfer and estate planning with a focus on advanced insurance-based solutions that incorporate philanthropy and legacy planning. Leveraging these specialties, Jason brings a fresh perspective and outside-the-box thinking to the strategic planning process. To read more, please visit the VELA team page.


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Read the transcript of the Polestar Podcast here.