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#23 Q2 2024 Market Outlook with Keith Allan

Join Kevin Parton, Partner and Senior Advisor at VELA Wealth, as he sits down with market Keith Allan, Portfolio Manager at Harness Investment Management, to dissect the financial landscape of Q2 2024. Tune in for expert analysis, strategic advice, and a look ahead at what the next quarter might bring.



This episode covers:

  • Market Movements – A deep dive into the S&P 500’s performance, Canadian market trends, and the continued dominance of tech stocks.
  • Interest Rates – Insights into Canada’s recent rate cut, its impact on fixed income markets, and comparisons with the US Federal Reserve’s stance.
  • Investment Strategies – The role of cash as an asset class, private and alternative asset performance, and strategic adjustments in portfolios.
  • Q3 Expectations – What to expect in the typically calm summer months and the anticipated market activities post-Labor Day.


About the Guest – Keith Allan

Keith Allan is a Portfolio Manager with Harness Investment Management. Harness has engaged in a strategic partnership with VELA Wealth and provides discretionary portfolio management for many of VELA’s clients. With more than 15 years of buy-side investment management experience, Keith brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to provide insight and guidance to clients regarding their investment portfolios. At Harness, Keith is responsible for developing and maintaining investment portfolios for VELA clients.  To learn more, please visit Harness Investment Management team page.


About the Host – Kevin Parton

Kevin Parton, CFP professional, specializes in personal and business financial planning, tax reduction, and estate planning. Kevin is diligently concentrating on client education as a powerful strategy for building financial certainty. As no financial situation is the same, Kevin and his team monitor clients’ plans and implement personalized strategies to reduce their personal and corporate taxes, and protect their income, assets, and loved ones against the financial consequences of a serious illness, injury or death, ensuring clients maintain financial certainty and peace of mind. To read more, please visit the VELA team page.


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The information provided in the podcast transcript is designed for general informational purposes only and is not intended to provide specific advice or recommendations for any individual or on any specific security or investment product.