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#16 VELA Wealth: Navigating Wealth, Legacy, and Financial Innovation

In this Polestar Podcast episode, Kevin Parton engages in a dynamic conversation with Jason Boudreau, unraveling the unconventional journey that laid the foundation for VELA Wealth’s creation and evolution. From Jason’s diverse professional background to VELA Wealth’s distinctive approach to wealth management, the discussion navigates through the pivotal role of mentors, the firm’s dedication to Canadian private business owners, and the importance of independence in financial services.



Key highlights of this episode:

  • The VELA Wealth story.
  • The transformative power of mentorship and coaching.
  • VELA Wealth’s trailblazing approach.
  • The importance of independence in financial services and curation of platforms and partnerships.
  • Commitment to client fulfillment.
  • Declaration approach instead of a traditional mission statement.
  • What future unfolds for VELA Wealth.


About the Guest – Jason Boudreau

Jason has built VELA Wealth into an established life and estate planning firm, guiding families as they make meaningful choices at the intersection of life and wealth. Jason’s areas of expertise include intergenerational wealth transfer and estate planning with a focus on advanced insurance-based solutions that incorporate philanthropy and legacy planning. Leveraging these specialties, Jason brings a fresh perspective and outside-the-box thinking to the strategic planning process. To read more, please visit the VELA team page.


About the Host – Kevin Parton

Kevin Parton, CFP professional, specializes in personal and business financial planning, tax reduction, and estate planning. Kevin is diligently concentrating on client education as a powerful strategy for building financial certainty. As no financial situation is the same, Kevin and his team monitor clients’ plans and implement personalized strategies to reduce their personal and corporate taxes, and protect their income, assets, and loved ones against the financial consequences of a serious illness, injury or death, ensuring clients maintain financial certainty and peace of mind. To read more, please visit the VELA team page.


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