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The Polestar Podcast: Not happy with my business valuation: So now what?

In this podcast, Lorraine McGregor from Spirit West Management and Rob Wallis discuss the low number of businesses that are actually selling in North America, despite 70% of baby boomers business owners saying they want to sell within the next five years. They explore the reasons why many businesses do not sell, including the lack of understanding of how to play the M&A game and not being “sale ready.” They also delve into the importance of increasing a business’s valuation in order to attract buyers and the options available for business owners who are not happy with their valuation.


About the Guests – Lorraine McGregor

Lorraine founded Spirit West Management in 1990 and has worked with CEOs to help grow their businesses through effective partnerships, marketing, and sales strategies. In 1999, she returned to Canada and has worked with both US and Canadian clients. Together with leadership expert Rob McGregor, they provide growth strategies and leadership expertise, as well as guide business owners and their families through a process to decide the best course of action for their business. They also work on improving systems, profitability, market focus, and organizational effectiveness, and address conflict, family dynamics, and partnership problems. To read more, please visit the Spirit West Management website.


About the Host – Rob Wallis

Rob has provided senior financial planning and advice to VELA clients for over 15 years. He excels at working with entrepreneurial professionals and business owners to define their individual ecosystems and establish meaningful life and financial goals. He has specialized expertise in guiding healthcare professionals who are building multi-location, and specialist clinics. To read more, please visit the VELA team page.


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Read the transcript of the Polestar Podcast here.