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The Polestar Podcast: Sticking to the plan with Three Shores Development

Join Jason interviewing Mehdi and Barry from Three Shore Development in our last episode of the Polestar Podcast by VELA Wealth. They’re talking about forming a win-win partnership, discipline and planning, entrepreneurship journey, and approaches to dealing with uncertainty.



About the Guest – Mehdi Shokri

Mehdi is inspired by the desire to create meaningful change through development and is driven by an overarching passion to make neighbourhoods better. He aims to align visually-inspiring environments with sustainable and profitable solutions. To read more, please visit the Three Shore website.


About the Guest – Barry Savage

Barry values precision and process. His goal is to take a focused, structured approach to development, and values the methodical process of any project. His passion is to carefully consider all details in order to execute a plan that works for all stakeholders. Inspired by the urban vibrancy of other big cities, Barry is interested in how land use can shape and create homes and communities. To read more, please visit the Three Shore website.


About the Host – Jason Boudreau

Jason has built VELA Wealth into an established life and estate planning firm, guiding families as they make meaningful choices at the intersection of life and wealth. Jason’s areas of expertise include intergenerational wealth transfer and estate planning with a focus on advanced insurance-based solutions that incorporate philanthropy and legacy planning. Leveraging these specialties, Jason brings a fresh perspective and outside-the-box thinking to the strategic planning process. To read more, please visit the VELA team page.



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Read the transcript of the Polestar Podcast here.