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GRAVITY 2019 – Channeling the Champion’s Mindset

Saturday, July 13th, 2019

A few weeks ago, we hosted our flagship annual event, GRAVITY. GRAVITY is a platform for community, connection and possibility. This year’s event was a resounding success thanks to our guests, contributors and speakers. GRAVITY is proof that the potential of collaboration is unlimited.

The Champions Mindset

We were delighted to invite Dr. Jeff Spencer from California to speak about the power of overcoming the ‘Human Mindset’ and channeling the ‘Champion’s Mindset’. Dr. Jeff is an accomplished Olympic athlete and world-renowned coach. He passionately believes in team and takes the position of ‘Mission Control’ for the high performing individuals he works with. This vantage point allows Dr. Jeff to see the path to achievement where others may not.

GRAVITY 2019 was uniquely recorded in real time by a highly talented illustrator and the following image shows the ‘Human Mindset’ vs. the ‘Champions Mindset’ through the lens of a 2012 Olympic Gold medallist who was coached by Dr Jeff.

The Earth Group

Kori Chilibeck and Matt Moreau from Edmonton founded The Earth Group in 2005, and joined us at GRAVITY to share their journey and achievements. The Earth Group exists entirely to provide food, water and education to children globally and does this through an agreement with the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) where 100% of profits are donated to fund school meal programmes.  The Earth Group has provided over 3,650,000 meals so far and is targeting 1,000,000 meals in 2019.

The Earth Group is also pushing the envelop with bottled water, standing for the use of aluminum packaging, instead of plastic, as the recycling rate for aluminum is exponentially higher than plastic and it is less environmentally damaging.

The Earth Group’s business model is truly transformational as they’ve created a vehicle to affect positive change for the world through everyday purchases.

What are we capable of?

Imagine a world where individuals and communities reach their full potential and are consistently high performing. We could achieve endless feats. Getting there takes discipline, commitment and working effectively in teams. GRAVITY 2019 was proud to create a forum for learning and connection that stimulates our network to thrive and discover new ways to be entrepreneurs and leaders with impact.