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Gravity 2016

Wednesday, April 13th, 2016

It was just two weeks ago when we hosted Gravity 2016, and we are still buzzing.

The Back Story

As we came to the conclusion of our brand revitalization and website refresh, it was suggested that VELA host a launch event of some sort. Personally, this didn’t resonate with me. Our brand speaks to the entrepreneurial spirit. We embrace and encourage connection and collaboration. A website launch party simply didn’t coincide with those values.

Through further discussion with my wife, Carissa Boudreau of Clearly Prepared; my branding agency, Free Agency Creative; and my PR team at Neesh Communications, we decided to host Gravity.

Gravity is a unique opportunity to celebrate that entrepreneurship can go beyond simply networking to explore new collaborative models.

Gravity 2016 Recap

Right off the bat, Ripe Rides made a statement in front of the Terminal City Club, delivering some of our 120 guests in VIP style. Inside the venue, Beta5 Chocolates, Body Energy Club, Moody Ales, and Happy Water took care of our food and beverage needs for the evening.

Jason Boudreau of VELA Wealth hosted the evening, while Norm Trainor of The Covenant Group provided the keynote address. Free Agency Creative also spoke to the brand values and creative direction behind VELA’s ‘Guiding the Entrepreneurial Spirit‘ video presentation.

Of course, the evening included the opportunity to mix and mingle with known colleagues, and also encouraged forging new meaningful connections.

Last, but not least, we thank our gifting partners for providing such useful and relevant gifts for Gravity attendees.

Body Energy Club, CHIMP, Pressed & Proper, The $2000 Coffee, Clearly Prepared, Groundwork Athletics, Jiva Organics, Style by Sarai and Your Ultimate Speech.