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The Intersection of Wealth & Health

Wednesday, January 3rd, 2018

Everything in your personal ecosystem is interconnected. This may seem obvious, however, have you ever taken a moment to truly reflect and let that sink in?

Every single aspect of your life is related and your choices create outcomes for your life. What would your ecosystem look like if you drew it on a white board?

Challenge yourself to do a health check on your personal ecosystem in 2018. What would getting healthy in all aspects of your life look like? Financial health, physical health, relationship health, career/business health, family health, community and giving health – where is the health gauge sitting in all areas of your life? How are these silos connected and are you leveraging the connections adequately?

When overall health is prioritized and a healthy lifestyle is pursued, you are revitalized, have increased energy and are more efficient, thus allowing for clarity in decision making, greater capacity and higher levels of achievement. Being healthy can add time to your life span, as well as dollars to your bank account over time. It is here that your health and wealth intersect.

Proactive choices and planning guide your success and as your health levels increase in any singular aspect of your life, it inadvertently supports the health in other aspects of your life. As your nutrition gets better, so does your physical health. In turn you have more energy to give to your family and community. As you increase your presence in the community, your business grows and therefore your financial health. At every turn you find that a healthy lifestyle supports holistic success.

As it relates to your “future self”,  engaging in meaningful, holistic, life-focused financial planning can benefit you in many ways including helping ensure you safe-guard your family’s future, build your legacy and give you the peace of mind to choose the best route when faced with difficult decisions, both now and over the long-term.

The Canadian Medical Association has indicated that those who describe their health as “very good” or “excellent” are amongst the top earners within Canada. As one moves up the ladder with respect to their financial stability and security, they have less sickness, longer life expectancies and improved overall health.

The connection between your health and your wealth is clear. Make 2018 an opportunity to develop a new level of understanding and mastery of your personal ecosystem. What are the opportunities and where are the blind spots? Enlist the support of coaches and advisors within the areas you’d like to see improvement and be your best self in 2018.