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Living Your Life By Design

We all have a vision for our ideal life. The version of our best life that we hope to attain. The difference between achieving that life and dreaming about it comes from whether we are living
our life by design, or by default.

How do you live your life by design?

Start by understanding your ‘why’. Your why becomes the guide.

A deep examination of what you want, what makes you happy and what really matters to you,
will help uncover your ‘why’. Consider your values, goals and ambitions. What are your hopes,
fears and motivations? What is your ideal vision for your family, business, community and
philanthropic desires? What do you want your legacy to be? Writing out what is important to you in detail is the first step and building your plan for your ideal future.

Next, it’s time to take stock and create a plan to realize the vision of your ideal life.

Once you have clarity around your vision for your future and the facts of your current situation,
you can map out the specific steps to make your vision of life success a reality.

Begin with the end in mind. How much money will you need to achieve your vision? What does
your work-life balance need to look like? How will you achieve that? How will you achieve your
ideal physical fitness? How much time do you need to devote to your community efforts to fulfil your ideal vision? How will you adjust your schedule to support these goals?

Working backwards will help you map out the specific, tangible steps you need to take towards
achieving these goals.

Lastly, and most importantly, review and adjust. Even the best plans require course correction
from time to time. Track and monitor your progress. Be prepared for successes, obstacles, and
unexpected circumstances. Do regular check-ins and work with professional coaches and
advisors as appropriate to support and guide you.

Don’t lose sight of the goal. This is your life and only you can make it what you envision. As
easy as it is to default to autopilot, it is that much more rewarding to watch what was once only
a desire, become your reality.

How a great wealth manager can help.

Traditionally, a wealth manager is known as the person who supports and helps to manage your financial affairs. However, true wealth comes from various facets of your life, including your family, your business, your community and your legacy. At VELA, we feel it’s time to reexamine what role a wealth manager truly plays. We believe, a great wealth manager supports and helps manage your true wealth.

As experienced professionals, we are defined by our ability to meaningfully connect the dots
between our clients lives and their wealth. We believe your bold thinking needs to be supported by a holistic plan, designed to make your vision of life success a reality. We craft innovative solutions driven by your vision of life success for your family, community and legacy. By asking lots of questions, supporting thoughtful action and providing ongoing monitoring and support, we work in tandem with you to create your vision of life success.