Willing Wisdom

A new Paradigm in Estate Planning

There is more to Legacy than money. Legacy is about values, family, community, and continuity. Clearly documenting your legacy and communicating it to your family and beyond to all stakeholders is critical.

The Willing Wisdom Index™ is a powerful tool that helps families and individuals make estate planning decisions prior to completing an estate plan with their legal advisors. Embracing the Willing Wisdom Index will help achieve a thorough will, confidence in granting Powers of Attorney and Health Care Directives, as well as lower legal fees.

The checklist is your guide to a achieving an estate plan that reflects your personal wishes. No-one will receive checklist except you, it is 100% confidential. It is also free and should take no longer than 10 minutes to complete. Visit the link below to complete the Willing Wisdom Index:

Access your Willing Wisdom Index™

  • The detailed checklist you will receive is your personal guide to a thorough estate plan
  • After completing the checklist, you’ll receive set of a personalized follow up actions
  • You can use this valuable information to prepare fully before meeting with your legal advisors

If you find value in the Willing Wisdom Index, please feel free to share it with anyone you care about.

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