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Legacy Is Yours to Lead

Traditional attitudes towards estate planning often leave individuals and families grappling with secrecy and procrastination – important but not urgent items to deal with. Afterall, who wants to dwell on their own demise or ill health? We believe leaving legacy is positive both for those giving, and those receiving, if planned for in advance, well-communicated…

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gravity 2019: Grounding Your Network

When we talk of our ‘networks’, we often perceive them to exist virtually, within our own minds or in a space where the countless connections cannot be illustrated or the potential experienced. Before LinkedIn or Shapr helped record, contain and develop networks, who we knew and what they did likely just existed in our minds…

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The 5 C’s of Family Wealth

As we approach Family Day, we often become nostalgic about our familial ties. Some relish time with loved ones, some think of those who have left them, others still about the tenuous bonds that they wish to mend. Family Day acts as a simple reminder that a sound family-focused wealth plan must extend beyond yourself….

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What Does The Next 1-5 Years Look Like? And How Does That Influence Decision Making Now?

If we had had that dialogue two to three years ago, there was arguably, little to be concerned about. We enjoyed ultra-low interest rates, a favorable taxation environment, most asset prices still looked set to rise, political interference at the federal, provincial and even international levels seemed minimal and pro-business and finally, confidence was high….

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New Passive Income Rules

The 2018 federal budget clarified rules around passive income for Canadian Controlled Private Corporations. The threshold for passive income starting $50,000 has now made holding life insurance within the corporation even more important. has created this article outlining several options for life insurance policies such as holding until death or withdrawing upon retirement. If…

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WELCOME   I’d like to welcome you to VELA’s new quarterly┬ánewsletter, GRAVITY. The intention of this communication is to provide timely, relevant ideas and content.   Very best wishes, Jason Boudreau Principal & Founder   WE ARE MOVING   We are pleased to announce that we are one step closer to leaving the confines of…

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